Behavioural modelling of microwave transistors for wideband high efficiency power amplifier design

Rocío Moure
Thursday, May 21, 2015 - 23:59

Power amplifier (PA) design for modern wireless communications systems as, for example, WiFi, 3G or 4G mobile networks, is a complex process, since the transceiver PA module must accomplish strict specs in terms of bandwidth, gain, linearity, efficiency and energy consumption, plus a reduced weight and size. The PAs performance improvements were possible not only due to improvements in the transistor technology and PAs architectures, but also due to new nonlinear devices characterization techniques. The recent development of nonlinear device behavioural models, with high accuracy and computational efficiency, was another important contribution. In this talk I will explain some important aspects of these models, as the X-parameters model, and the evolution of them and my future work to get better performance in devices modelling.



M del Rocío Moure Fernández received the Telecommunications Engineer degree from the University of Vigo (Spain) in 2014. Earlier that year, she started to work as a researcher in the DAF group, when she started to work on non-linear devices modelling. Nowadays, she is enrolled at the PhD program in Information and Communication Technologies. Her research is focused on Communication Electronics, especially on high frequency non-linear modelling.